PNP Chemical Manufacturing Technologies is a technological enabler of modular chemical manufacturing systems, containerized systems and modular process skid systems; by our in-house team of engineers to be ruggedly designed and customized to your operational demands. 


Plug N’ Play designs modular chemical manufacturing systems with the focus of delivering greater productivity, flexibility and convenience for chemical supply chain operations. Our next generation of Plug N’ Play containerized systems are designed to enable manufacturing operations with improved efficiencies, capacity management and minimal disruptions anywhere. With innovative designs, we enable easy transportation and capacities scale-up, anywhere around the globe, with faster implementation time. We enable businesses to capitalize new market opportunities readily and decisively.

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Manage Risks & Profitability

Our integrated manufacturing facilities create the flexibility to transport, locate and relocate your manufacturing operations anywhere globally, allowing operational flexibility with an ever-changing business climate. With our technologies, we enable your business to be more agile and adaptable, enabling the re-thinking of supply chain integrations model, ability to maneuver steadier in regions with greater risk exposure, and capitalizing on regions with higher profit zones; delivering exponential value to optimize your overall business margins.

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Operational Efficiency

Innovative and ergonometric designs within modular units, we focus on enabling the manufacturing technologies of tomorrow become more productive and efficient with various operational demands, logistical operations and minimize susceptibility to manufacturing disruptions and force majeure. We simplify manufacturing processes for people and businesses with rapid, convenient and cost-efficient scale-up capabilities, enabling you to serve markets faster, better and more competitively.

Pumping Services
Digital Transformation

Unravel new manufacturing potentials with our data specialists and proprietary digital technologies. Integrate real-time manufacturing information with data analytics to optimize manufacturing processes, quality standards, asset reliability, discover new opportunities for increased productivity and improve decision-making capabilities. Together, we prioritize capital and operational efficiencies for your business, enabling greater positioning, competitiveness, returns and value creation across your business operations.

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At Plug N' Play, we design and construct advanced manufacturing systems for the Energy, Chemicals and Water Treatment sectors. Our Industry 4.0 solutions is designed to enable speed-to-market, operational efficiencies and rapid scale-up capabilities in today's chemical supply chain operations.