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PNP Chemical Manufacturing Technologies is a technological enabler of modular chemical manufacturing systems, containerized systems and modular process skid systems; by our in-house team of engineers to be ruggedly designed and customized to your operational demands.



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21 Heng Mui Keng Terrace,

I-Cube Building, Level 1,
Unit 01-01/02,

Singapore 119613

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Plug N’ Play or PNP Technologies was established with a passion in rethinking the supply chain operations and manufacturing technologies of tomorrow. In a rapidly evolving business climate, we pioneer solutions with better capital deployment, designing innovations with greater productivity, flexibility and convenience for manufacturing operations. Empowering supply chains with greater agility, operational control and efficiencies, it is our pride enabling businesses of tomorrow stay ahead, remain relevant and dominate in an ever-changing competitive arena; well-positioned to capitalize on new market opportunities swiftly and decisively.


A leader in pioneering new efficiencies, innovation and sustainability for the chemical manufacturing operations of tomorrow.


Decarbonizing the chemical supply chain operations of tomorrow; with improved efficiencies, technologies and competitiveness to better serve customers – anywhere.

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Our People is Key to Pioneering the Manufacturing of Tomorrow.

The world needs innovation! We need you!

Passionate about pushing engineering boundaries together? Discover a rewarding career with Plug N' Play.


For more details and job description, speak directly to our Careers Management Team at hello@pnp-chem.com


If there are other areas you wish to venture into and would like to inquire more about the opportunities available,

Reach out to us by sending your resume to our Careers Management Team at hello@pnp-chem.com

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Life at Plug N' Play

At Plug N’ Play, it is our commitment to make your career fun, fulfilling and rewarding. Our commitment to the holistic development of our associates never cease to be a top priority, from enabling them discover the meaningful impact of their contributions to enjoying the process throughout. We constantly improvise on how we can make the life of our people better, and continuously empower them with new skills and development, and grooming them for the next level in their career. At Plug N’ Play, expect a work-life balance, attractive remuneration and benefits. We believe the innovative mindset of our people should not only be limited to work, but it is always advocated a balanced time to be engaged with families, friends and the people around them.

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Commitment to People Development

Our associates are our greatest asset, and at Plug N’ Play, we grow together with our international talents in driving innovations and business value to serve customers better everywhere around the globe. We continuously review and improve our programmes in the holistic development of our associates, from the recruitment of exceptional talents, supporting their professional development from day one and developing a highly competitive workforce and workplace environment at Plug N’ Play. The passion and dedication of our associates is the key to the success of our customers, and we empower our talents with greater accountability, responsibility and initiative as they develop with us.

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Diversity and Workplace Inclusion

Fostering a culture of diversity and workplace inclusion is key to the sustainable growth of tomorrow and the recruitment, development and retention of our talents from all walks of life. At Plug N’ Play, we empower all our associates with leadership accountability, workplace empowerment and gender and racial representation and equality. We believe that when our talents feel home, included and engaged , the diverse perspectives, backgrounds and experiences integrated would drive exceptional innovation, business competitiveness and extensive business value seamlessly, enabling the businesses and customers of tomorrow become stronger and better.

At Plug N' Play, we design and construct advanced manufacturing systems for the Energy, Chemicals and Water Treatment sectors. Our Industry 4.0 solutions is designed to enable speed-to-market, operational efficiencies and rapid scale-up capabilities in today's chemical supply chain operations.